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Action Shots ILH Race #5 Pics 2008.10.19 2009.10.19 62 pictures in two sets:

Action Shots ILH Race #4 Pics 2008.10.13 2009.10.13 Pictures start at #14.  Images 1 to 13 are from the Awards at the end of the 2008 Moloka'i Hoe

Action Shots ILH Race #3 Pics 2008.10.05 2009.10.05 93 images separated into 3 sets:

Events/Races... ILH Race #2 Pics 2008.09.30 2009.09.30 The STARTING LINE for Sept. 27th ILH Race 2

Some ATHLETES for Sept. 27th ILH Race 2
Events/Races... 2008 US Natls - 139 pics 2008.09.21 2009.09.21 Photos from 2008 U.S. Canoe and Kayak Nationals have been posted in the Photos page link...


Thanks to Julia for the photos!!!
Other... Fall Camps Olympic Training Cent... 2008.09.13 2009.01.11 HCKT can select up to 3 male paddlers and 3 female paddlers from the ILH competition this year to attend the fall discipline camp held at the OTC in Chula Vista.. 

This is a great opportunity
Coaches and selected athletes please see  the 3 attached documents which include background info on the camps and also the draft itinerary for both the mens and womens camps
Please get back to myself or Blane Chong as soon as you can,let the prospective paddlers know, I am sure there are a few under the radar
Please let me know if unable to open the 3 attachments
Please pass on to interested and potential candidates
Much Appreciated
Thank you
Robyn Singh ( Head Coach HCKT) 
Ph 808 - 366 3005
For Sale (Kayaks) Used Plastex For Sale! 2008.09.12 2009.09.12 Plastex Olympic Warrior 60 (red) for sale...

It is in really good condition and perfect for a lightweight/younger paddler.  It also has a padded shipping cover that will be included with the boat.  Selling for $1,000.

Other info:
1)  It looks like  Nelo, it doesn't have the old
Events/Races... Moscow Junior Pre World 2008.09.12 2009.09.12 See attached podium photo.
Amazing performance by Ryan Dolan of Hawaii to capture silver in K1 500m after missing podium by 41/100ths and finishing 4th in K1 1000 at Moscow Junior Pre World Regatta.

Sent via BlackBerry by USCKT's Mac Hickox
News Lets Practice! and... 2008.09.04 2009.05.02 Beginner Program starts Hawaii Kai Next week
Monday ,Tuesday and Friday 4pm
Advanced Program - Ala Wai
Monday, Thursday, Fridays 6am on the water
Please note a big THANKS to those who helped clean the Halau on Saturday, 

Great Job!
Head Coach Robyn =)
Events/Races... Report from Coach Robyn at 2008 ... 2008.08.11 2009.08.11 Wow what a week up here in hot hot hot oklahoma city... Hawaii Canoe Kayak Team was represented this year at nationals by a small but talented group of paddlers and I am happy to report that every paddler that has raced during the week will be bringing home some hardware ( MEDALS!!)
A lot a fantastic performances through the week with people doing personal bests, making finals, winning medals and even racing in the canoe C2 in which we won a medal.
We had family achievements with the Dolan Brothers winning gold in both senior k2 races and then of course daughter and mother combination Kati and Kathy Erwin winning gold in the K2 500 intermediate division and then pairing up with Rachel Fujita and Giulia Anderson for the senior womens K4 and winning bronze! That boat had all the age groups, from juvenile, junior, senior and masters covered, Kathy Erwin who last raced nationals about 15 years ago, is our only masters competitor and this morning won the  K1 500m in her division... She certainly still has it and was powering, very inspiring to us all.
Our brilliant bantams from last year Chris, Trenton, Scanner and Easton have all moved up an age category into Juvenile joining James this year ( which is 15 and 16 year olds) they performed fantastically in teamboats  winning medals and making finals in the K1 which was quite a hard task to do..they were up against some very experienced and strong national development team paddlers , all I can say is the others better watch out next year!
 Because our juvie men are hungry for more..They all recorded good times and learnt alot with regard to racing and I saw some brilliant finishes... keep up the good work guys! To top off the week of Heat they all raced in the K1 5000m distance event and the end of the week... now thats hard to do after sprinting all week.. very happy with all of their performances
Congratulations to Ben Beck who won gold in the junior K4 teaming with Ryan, Kaihe and Bj ( it was funny when they sat in the K4, it was basically the ILH kayaking 1st four placegetters from last year all teaming together to paddle to win a national title for hawaii which they did in fine form, I think they even sat in the order of their placing from ILH! hopefully it will inspire some of the the surfski paddlers to have a go in the flatwater next year...
Speaking of ILH.. we had the winner and 2nd place getter from the girls team up in K2 and blitzing the field to take Gold in the K2 200m, and Silver in both the K2 500m and the K2 1000m
The team of Giulia Anderson( Iolani ) Punahou Swimmer and Kayaker Rachel Fujita, really turned heads in OKC... Giulia who just came back from an intensive training camp in Lake Placid with the national junior squad, showed up some of her fellow competitors by placing 2nd  to the only female member of this years USA National Team .. 2 silver medals for Giulia in K1 500m and K1 1000m... stamping a bright future in the sport.
And that C2 performance was after limited practice in Kailua, Giulia and Kati Erwin braved the field in an event in which they were just happy to stay upright...full credit to them for having a go , and actually taking bronze.. ( the outrigger paddling definately helps there)
Kati Erwin, Gold in the intermediate 1000m and our big improver, Kati is such a determined athlete and will be featuring big time next season, A bronze in the K4, SILVER in the K1 500m to add to the K2 and C2 500m medals..This girl is getting faster....so look out, we just need to find her a k2 partner now to train and race with on a regular basis!
A big thanks to Kati who diligently drove our kailua paddlers over to town each morning at the crack of dawn, so they could get the training in with the squad ... it has paid off for them.. Thank you for your support
Pat Dolan and Eric Abbott, our senior men, took gold and silver in the k1 10000m, they missed el presidente Chris Ball in their pack but managed to work together to hold off a very strong seattle competitor... We loved it each lap when Pat would look to us under the tent and smile...he was having fun with it. Pat took silver in the k1 500 and 1000m also...
BJ Campbell, getting ready for college and some paddling in Seattle soon, finished a great year with strong performances in K1, taking 3rd in a hotly contested K1 200m, placing 4th and 5th in the 500m and 1000m respectively, a brilliant 3rd place in the national trials 500m race but unfortunately missing the Moscow team for this year.. Bj has made huge leaps this year through hard work and will continue into the next age group with a strong base.
Kaihe Chong, stroked an awesome k2 1000m taking silver with BJ and bronze in the 500m, he was a finalist in both singles and a member of the junior boys gold medal k4..he was also our top merchandise salesman( selling lots of t-shirts/ hats / jerseys to the other teams ) this helps fund our trip so thanks Kaihe!
I will finish my report with Ryan Dolan, who started paddling in November of last year... since then he has won the pan am junior trials event, he is the pan american champion in montreal and now he is a US national champion in 4 events 2 junior and 2 senior events...Congratulations Ryan on your transition into the sport of flat water kayaking, we wish you well for your next event in september which is Moscow World Junior Championship Test event.. He is our only hawaii representative this year . We wish you well..
I hope I haven't missed any one, I think I have covered it all for now...
soo thats about it folks from Oklahoma City.. I am so proud of our team, thankyou for your efforts and devoting yourself to the season, all those early mornings have paid off in one way or another.
Thanks to all the parents for getting your child to this event...They were amazing, YOu will definately have to come to watch them race one day..
Thanks to Bonnie and Jeanie for being our team moms, you girls are awesome.. and of course Alyson Cheung for getting us all sorted for this trip.. Thank you ....
Head Coach Robyn
Hawaii Canoe & Kayak Team
News HCKT in Makai Magazine 2008.06.29 2009.06.29 Mahalo Nui to Lono Goo and the team at Makai magazine for putting together an amazing feature on Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Team and Kaihe Chong.

Get your copy of Makai Magazine here:

Below is a preview of the feature on Kaihe Chong from Makai Magazine:
      A few years ago, while covering the Molokai Relay which includes one-man canoes and surfski's, racing across the Kaiwi channel, a surf ski paddled by a boy, no older than 14 or 15 years old, was up front with the best paddlers in the world.  

       He was Kaihe Blaze Kaniela Chong, whom his family and friends call
Other... Lake Placid OTC Update #2 2008.06.26 2009.06.26 Thanks to Coach Robyn for providing the following update and pictures from Lake Placid...

Hi again,

Well day 3 done and it feels like we have been here for a week. These kids are working hard and had a well earned afternoon off today, well in saying that, we did a gentle 2 hour hike in Mt Marcy National Park. VEry nice..

Camp Coach Mac is driving the pace here and its not good if you are late even a minute late to the morning run session, instead of doing the one course run ( which is only usually 1km to get the blood moving) you end up doing the 3 courses + an extra 50 pushups... ask  Kai about that one!! 

He is disciplining them all quite well, and its working... everybody is responding and keeping on the ball so to speak.

A great group here, and they are still smiling...

The olympic training centre is at full capacity now, 170 USA Hockey players came into the centre this afternoon, all girls, ice hockey league, so things are a little busier here. Every one is being looked after really well. They have sports medicine and doctors on site, plenty of computers, for communication and common rooms for entertainment, videos and television to chill out between sessions. There is an olympic spirit shop where you can buy shirts and olympic- US gear etc, so if any one wants to put an order in....
Time trials were done yesterday and fitdex testing and all will get their results tomorrow. Hawaii boys and girls faired well. Today I  lead a core workout which Trevor Spring from Adapt Fitness, helped me put together, email is a wonderful thing so we piloted it today and made some additions, it will be used as a staple workout throughout this camp and we will implement it more into our program in hawaii...something you can do on your own or in a small group...no weights required.
Anyways, I look forward to the brisk early morning runs here, its getting me motivated! Maybe tomorrow I get on the water.
Heres a few more shots of team boat training and some on the hike,

Keep up the good work at home
Other... Lake Placid OTC Update 2008.06.24 2009.06.24 Thanks to Coach Robyn for the following update and photos...

Hi from Lake Placid Olympic Training Centre ( Robyn, Ryan, Bj, Kaihe, Giulia) Update from National Junior Assessment Camp
After a 24 hour transit we arrived, checked in and slept well in the chilly upstate new york area.. the air is so beautiful and fresh, very fresh ...brrrr  We all met Robert( our danish friend) in Chicago, who was in transit on way to europe so that was fun to see him there. The flights were pretty good although don't ask ryan about the last one...sometimes it sucs to have long legs.. least it was the shortest leg of the 3 flights!
Each morning the group wakes at 6 for a 6.30 light run and stretch before heading to dining hall for breakfast..a good selection of food, no one goes hungry here and by goodness they are working hard so they need the fuel!
after breakfast it was off for the first paddling session of the day, 3 x 2km and then back to the training centre for a nutrition seminar from a gal called Krista Austin( from USOC Colorado Springs) who had some valuable info on nutrition and enhancement of performance... the paddlers  were very interested and learnt alot, I have a power point on it so will share that too.
Then back to the dining hall, for more food, this time with a more enlightened approach to what went on the plates!
Into the Gym for testing and then a little break (1hr 30min )then they ran 5km down to the training site for their next paddle which was a level 3 ( 80% ) workout... phew...you tired yet... and its only day 1!! This is a super hard week so they are making the most of it..
keep up the good work at home folks, make this week count, not long to nationals
photos from today attached and more to come!
Events/Races... Hawaii Paddleboard Races 2008.05.19 2009.05.19 http://hawaiipaddleboardassociation.com/
Events/Races... Pics from Steinlager Kaiwi Crossing 2008.05.06 2009.05.06 Pictures are in no particular order

Action Shots Mac Hickox Clinic 2008.03.17 2009.03.17 March 15 and 16, 2008 Clinic With U.S. Canoe and Kayak Development Director Mac:
http://www.hckt.org/OtherWebs/2008_Mar15_16MHickox ractice/
Action Shots North Shore Pics 2008.02.10 2010.02.09 http://www.hckt.org/OtherWebs/2008_Jan26_NorthShore/
Action Shots Pics from 2007 Mariners Ridge Hi... 2008.01.01 2009.12.31 Go to the
Action Shots Pics from 2007 U.S. Sprint Trial... 2008.01.01 2009.12.31 Go to the Photos link to view photos from April 22, 2007 U.S. Sprint Trials.
Action Shots Pics from 2007 Nationals Posted 2008.01.01 2009.12.31 Go to the
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