Lake Placid OTC Update #2
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Lake Placid OTC Update #2


Thanks to Coach Robyn for providing the following update and pictures from Lake Placid...

Hi again,

Well day 3 done and it feels like we have been here for a week. These kids are working hard and had a well earned afternoon off today, well in saying that, we did a gentle 2 hour hike in Mt Marcy National Park. VEry nice..

Camp Coach Mac is driving the pace here and its not good if you are late even a minute late to the morning run session, instead of doing the one course run ( which is only usually 1km to get the blood moving) you end up doing the 3 courses + an extra 50 pushups... ask Kai about that one!!

He is disciplining them all quite well, and its working... everybody is responding and keeping on the ball so to speak.

A great group here, and they are still smiling...

The olympic training centre is at full capacity now, 170 USA Hockey players came into the centre this afternoon, all girls, ice hockey league, so things are a little busier here. Every one is being looked after really well. They have sports medicine and doctors on site, plenty of computers, for communication and common rooms for entertainment, videos and television to chill out between sessions. There is an olympic spirit shop where you can buy shirts and olympic- US gear etc, so if any one wants to put an order in....

Time trials were done yesterday and fitdex testing and all will get their results tomorrow. Hawaii boys and girls faired well. Today I lead a core workout which Trevor Spring from Adapt Fitness, helped me put together, email is a wonderful thing so we piloted it today and made some additions, it will be used as a staple workout throughout this camp and we will implement it more into our program in hawaii...something you can do on your own or in a small weights required.

Anyways, I look forward to the brisk early morning runs here, its getting me motivated! Maybe tomorrow I get on the water.
Heres a few more shots of team boat training and some on the hike,

Keep up the good work at home

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